Monday, October 21, 2013

Today I Learned: The Paper Kites: Young

Today, I happened to stumble on a very creative music video. I love the idea as well as the simplicity of it.


We only wake ’cause our eyes are open
Open so wide we walk in the dark
Trying so hard to keep what we’re losing
Using our feet to show them the movements

And they wake up, and they go out
Head in a cloud

We were like them before we were older
Just like they’re grow to be as we are
And still only speak with wording of caution
Sow and we reap what we’re putting forward

And they wake up, And they go out
Head in a cloud
We can look down, see what we were
Shaking our fingers and using our words
We’re all awake; we don’t go out
Head in a cloud

Rush goes to the head it’s all perception
I know, even so we all need time to grow

Darcy Prendergast of the Melbourne-based production company Oh Yeah Wow decided to challenge his team with an ambitious project. In just seven days, they would gather 350 people and shoot thousands of portrait photos of them that they would then assemble into one stop-motion music video. Australian band The Paper Kites had created a beautiful song called Young that was about the fine line between individuality and conformity and they needed a video to convey this somewhat abstract idea. 

What do you think of this video?


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    1. Thanks Brent. :)
      Creativity as its best right?
      By the way, I will not optimize this blog, kaya nga di ako naglagay ng mga apps and other gadgets. For personal purpose lang. To check out the things I've been learning daily. hehe.